Welcome to the Operationalise: Early Access Programmes Summit Europe
The Conference With Practical Answers

The inaugural Operationalise: Early Access Programmes Summit Europe is the response to the industry’s plea for a greater understanding and clarity regarding the end-to-end management of running a European early access programme. With each and every speaker sharing the same desire to increase the success, ease and treatment options for patients in need, ensure that you are part of this timely conversation.  

This is your only opportunity to learn from large pharma, leading biotechs and patient advocates on key topics such as: 

  • Ensure smooth EAP regulatory navigation with Novartis, Gensight and GSK as they share key lessons from French, British, German and emerging markets
  • Organise supply and anticipate demand across multiple borders in accordance with product and country specific requirements with GSK, Teva and BeiGene 
  • Outline methods to reduce barriers for early access programmes with EURORDIS, Ataxia & Me and TheSocialMedwork to support more patient populations  
  • Distinguish an exit strategy to end an early access programme and move to commercialisation with Merck Group  
  • Optimise data collection and real-world data generation regulations in Europe with Secura Bio 

As the demand for compassionate use, early, and managed access programmes becomes an ever-expected avenue for drug acquisition, join us to further your understanding of how to set up, operationalise, communicate, deliver and close out your altruistic programme without running into regulatory, financial or distributional challenges.